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What’s In A Resume?

How do I cram 20 years worth of work onto two pages? I value being humble and don’t want to come off as arrogant with my work? Should my skills and experience go at the top? What if I don’t have a degree? I don’t have that much work experience, what do I do? Does theContinue reading “What’s In A Resume?”

Covid-19 Taught Me My Lizard Brain is Racist (and Yours Probably is Too)

I have no desire to be repatriated right now. I feel this with visceral certainty while watching my six month old daughter sitting on a rug in our bedroom, happily chewing on the limbs of a teddy bear. My husband sits next to her, savoring his morning coffee in front of the television, listening toContinue reading “Covid-19 Taught Me My Lizard Brain is Racist (and Yours Probably is Too)”

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