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Jenny Wagner is all heart. And brains. And intuition. Jenny isn’t promoting a rigid agenda or methodology. She’s the rare individual who sees you for who you are and where you are when you show up. Jenny is particularly skillful in creating a safe and soothing space. Her warm sense of humor will lower your defenses and allow you to explore. You’re in the best of hands.

-Kara Gibson, Bikram and RYT Yoga Teacher

Jenny Wagner

Founding Director, Coach & Facilitator

Known for her intuitive and embodied coaching presence, Jenny trusts that we all have the potential to exist in a state of confidence, clarity, and joy. Jenny can support you with life transitions, accountability, work-life balance, cultural adjustment and re-entry, unconscious bias, imposter syndrome, relationships, moral conundrums, and.the general weirdness of being human. She believes that full attention and authentic presence are the most nourishing gifts people can exchange in the modern world.

Jenny holds a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from SOAS University of London and has worked as a mentor and facilitator in 20 different countries. With over a decade of experience in global education, Jenny is practiced at guiding people through the challenges of living and working overseas and communicating across cultures. A creative and dynamic facilitator, Jenny is an expert in leading group processes and comes equipped with a host of training tools.

Jenny’s coaching style draws from her life experiences and personal study of yoga, dance, body language, animal play behavior, forum theatre, meditation, and Ayurveda. A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with years of experience managing international crisis response, she is an advocate for making community wellbeing and self-care mainstream in the workplace.

Briana Bellamy

Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

A deep commitment to celebrating the diversity of human experience informs Briana’s work both in the U.S. and abroad. Trained as a Professional Integral Coach (a holistic and developmental approach), her coaching is also influenced by years of immersing herself in diverse worldviews around the globe. This has led her to explore modalities of leadership development through somatic practices, nature-connected inquiry, adult development, mindfulness, and, of course, cross-cultural communication and relationship building. Through this work, she remains committed to supporting others to step more fully into their own unique brilliance.

Today, she is actively involved in launching a non-profit called the Healing and Reconciliation Institute, which uses evidence-based reconciliation tools and practices to help heal racial and historical divides. She also works with the Dragons Fund, a non-profit initiative focused on improving diversity outcomes and access to the transformative opportunities possible through a global education.

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Hillary’s resume review was so helpful – she answered my many questions patiently and without judgement, and her insights were golden–lots of small tweaks to language and presentation that made a huge difference in how my resume would read for potential employers. Updating my resume by myself felt deflating, but working with Hillary made me feel more positive and confident about my skills and experience and how they will translate into a new job, even in a new sector.

– C. S. – client in the development and education industry

Hillary is so positive and encouraging! She showed me simple ways to reframe my professional experiences for the industries I was applying to. After two days I got called in for an interview that eventually led to a great job offer!

– Resume client in the EdTech Industry

Hillary Sites

Resume & Interview Consultant, Facilitator

Hillary has been working in education and technology for over 15 years as a facilitator and human resources professional. The daughter of two zoological researchers, she lived between Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and the USA for most of her formative years. Her education outside of a classroom was catching reptiles and learning about DNA mapping as it relates to the evolution of life on earth. Her later academic research focused on human rights education and social and cultural analysis with an emphasis on psychoanalytic social theory.  She has developed numerous global citizenship programs for professionals and students following the Mekong river from the Delta in Vietnam into Yunnan, China or focusing on democratic initiatives in Myanmar, Brazil, and Cambodia.

In 2014 she moved from her home in Cambodia to Denver, Colorado to lead the staffing department for an international education company.  In this role she created more equitable hiring and sourcing processes for the company, recruited top talent from 20 different countries, and ran trainings for over 150 educational professionals annually.

Hillary has been in People Operations at Google for just over two years and absolutely loves it. She started out in staffing and recently moved into an engagement and operations role for The Google School for Leaders. She adores spicy food, her brilliant husband and two wild children, reptiles, coffee, and people. 

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