Our Values

Diversity, Inclusion, Access, Equity, and Justice

  • We acknowledge the historical roots of coaching and work to expand beyond the limiting constructs of patriarchal, capitalistic, white-supremacist influences
  • We believe that the underlying purpose of coaching is for the collective benefit of society and the planet
  • We honor many ways of thinking, being, doing and knowing

Engaged Pedagogy

  • We respect each person’s unique life experiences and journey toward lifelong learning and growth
  • We support methods that are experiential, engaging, and relevant
  • We believe meaningful transformation happens in relationship with our environment, our communities, and ourselves

Connected Wholeness

  • We encourage and celebrate vulnerability and authentic presence through movement, play, expression, and care
  • We value the complexity of the human experience, affirming the inherent wholeness of each individual and our relationship to the wider human and non-human community
  • We invite one another to stand in our embodied wisdom and power, integrating all parts of ourselves


  • We uphold a high standard of ethical practice in coaching aligned with the ICF Code of Ethics and engage in ongoing learning and development
  • We respect the people we work with through honesty, kindness, transparency, and the excellence of our work
  • We live our values through engagement in communal practices of reflection, feedback, and accountability

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